Crafting Items

You can craft all sorts of items at the Base Camp facilities, which you can then use to forge equipment or cook dishes.
  • 工房The Workshop
    A crafting workbench overseen by the Rogue. Process logs to turn them into lumber.
  • 錬金窯The Atelier
    An alchemy research station overseen by the Caster. Turn minerals into material stone.
  • 鍛冶場The Forge
    A blacksmith's forge overseen by the Warrior. Forge new equipment from Mementos or upgrade them with Booster Parts and runes, improving your weapons' damage output and your accessories' defensive capabilities.
  • 牧場The Farm
    A tranquil pasture overseen by the Archer. Gather animal byproducts to use for cooking.
  • 畑The Fields
    A fertile plot of land run overseen by the Farmer. Grow crops from seeds to use for cooking.
  • 調理場The Kitchen
    A well-stocked kitchen overseen by the Fighter. Gather ingredients from the Farm and Fields to cook dishes that grant various buffs for future adventures.

Production Time

Except for the Forge and Kitchen, most facilities need some time to produce the items you request. Production will continue while you're exploring the Abyss, so put in your requests before setting out.

Work Level

The Workshop, Atelier, Farm, and Fields each have their own work level. Process requests at a facility to gain EXP and level it up. High-level facilities have more production slots and can process items much faster.

The Storehouse

Use the Storehouse at Base Camp to change your equipment, check your inventory, or desynth unneeded items. The extra storage space will come in handy as you collect better equipment.
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