Heroes can equip weapons, rings, and earrings to help them survive their adventures. Each piece of equipment has a rarity grade: Common, Rare, Super Rare, or Legendary. The rarer the equipment, the better its effects.
Some weapons and rings have Magistone Slots. Attach a Magistone to change a weapon's elemental damage type, or add extra defensive effects to rings. Magistones also offer various stat buffs, resistances, EXP boosts, and other effects for enhancing your equipment.


These mysterious items found throughout the Abyss hold wisps of memories that you can reforge as new equipment. After appraising a Memento, bring it and the necessary materials to the Forge to restore the equipment to its original form.

Appraising Lost Memories

Simply bringing some Mementos to the Forge won't tell you much about them. Ask the Princess to appraise these Mementos at the Great Crystal first to learn how to revive them.

Dishes & Ingredients

Head to the Fields and Farm at Base Camp to gather ingredients, then bring them to the Kitchen to cook food. Set up to three dishes before venturing into the Abyss to gain various effects.


You need to process raw materials to forge new equipment. Bring any stone and logs you find in the Abyss to the appropriate facilities at Base Camp to start processing them. The materials you can craft vary from facility to facility.

Time-Saving Items

Use Booster Parts to improve your equipment and Sands of Time to instantly finish producing an item. Since these are quite rare, use them wisely.


Get rid of any items you don't need by desynthesizing them at the Base Camp Storehouse. You can break down equipment and Mementos into Booster Parts, while other items will become runes.
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