Damage Types & Elements

Attacks have one of four different damage types: slashing, blunt, piercing, and magic. There are also seven types of elemental damage: null, fire, ice, lightning, earth, light, and dark. Attack monsters with the damage type or element they're weak against for extra damage.
Elemental Affinity & Weaknesses
Monsters have an elemental affinity and weakness, which fall into the following pairs: fire vs. ice, lightning vs. earth, and light vs. dark. Hitting a monster with their elemental opposite will do more damage; using the same element will barely leave a scratch. Null element attacks have no special effects.
Monster Encyclopedia
Check your Monster Encyclopedia from the main menu for information on monster species, habitats, elemental affinities, and weaknesses to give you the upper hand when facing a difficult foe.

Recovering Health

Press the L Button to recover HP with a Healing Potion. Each hero can only carry two Healing Potions per expedition, which will automatically refill upon returning to Base Camp. You can also interact with animals found throughout the Abyss to heal yourself.


You'll be knocked out if your HP reaches zero, but a Healing Potion will put you right back on your feet. However, you'll recover less HP compared to when you use the potion yourself. If you're knocked out with no Healing Potions left, you'll fail the expedition and return to Base Camp. You'll also lose some of the items you found.
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