Explore the Abyss

Layers & Floors

The Abyss is divided into several distinct layers, each comprised of multiple floors. Progress from one area to the next by finding Floor Gates. Triumph over the boss lurking in the deepest floor of that layer to continue your adventure in the next one.
Monsters & Loot
Defeat the monsters prowling these floors to obtain valuable crafting materials, as well as runes you can spend on production and appraisal back at Base Camp. Attacking fallen trees, weeds, ore, and other objects in the Abyss may also reveal useful items.

Combo Bonus

Defeat multiple monsters within a specific time limit to get a Combo Bonus. You'll gain more EXP than usual while a Combo Bonus is active.

Swapping Heroes & Returning to Base Camp

Interact with crystals scattered across the various floors to swap between heroes or call upon the power of the Princess to return to Base Camp with your loot. You can go back to Base Camp anytime from the main menu, but you'll lose some of the items you found as a result.
Tag-Team Buffs
Each time you use a crystal to swap heroes, the one who leaves will cheer on the one taking their place with a useful buff. The buff's effects vary by class; some may boost max HP, while others bolster your defenses. These buffs carry over across heroes, letting you take advantage of all seven buffs at once.

Signal Fires

You may come across Signal Fires during your expeditions. Activate them to mark locations from which you can continue your adventure later.
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