Level & Equipment

Each hero has their own level. Increase this and their respective stats by defeating monsters and earning EXP. You can also boost stats with equipment.
Stats & Effects
Improve a hero's stats for the following effects.
Power Increases base damage output.
Defense Reduces base amount of physical damage taken.
Magic Resistance Reduces base amount of magical damage taken.
Crit Boosts your chances of landing a critical hit.
Crit Damage Boost Boosts the damage output of a critical hit.
Damage Boost Boosts general damage output.
Damage Reduction Reduces amount of general damage taken.
Evasion Makes incoming attacks miss more often.
Status Ailments
Characters and enemies alike can use skills to cause the following status ailments.
Poison Inflicts poison damage over a set period of time.
Burn Inflicts burn damage over a set period of time.
Frost Reduces movement and attack speed.
Paralysis Renders you unable to attack.
Confusion (Player) Randomizes movements, reduces evasion, and renders you unable to attack.
(Monsters) Makes them attack their allies.
Stun Renders you unable to attack, evade, or move.
Fear (Player) Makes you prioritize fleeing to an area with fewer monsters; reduces evasion.
(Monsters) Makes monsters prioritize fleeing from the hero.


Each hero has their own unique set of skills, which they can learn by using Skill Points gained from leveling up. Assign your favorite skills to the X, Y, and B Buttons to execute them on the battlefield.
Skill Levels
Each skill has its own level, which you can increase with Skill Points. Leveling up skills can have various effects, such as increasing their attack power or reducing their cooldown timer. If you ever want to change things up, use Skill Reset to unlearn all skills and regain all spent Skill Points.
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