Screen Layout

The Abyss

  1. Difficulty
    Your current difficulty level.
  2. Layer
    The current layer's name.
  3. Recommended Element
    Shows the area's recommended attack element.
  4. Completion Time
    Shows your fastest time for completing this area from the beginning.
  5. Item Drop Rank
    Shows the rank of potential items.
  6. Dishes
    Shows which dishes you've set (up to three).
  7. Number of Dishes
    Shows how many of a specific dish you currently have.
  8. List of Dishes
    Shows all available dishes and their effects.

Dungeon Floor

  1. Your Hero
    The character you're controlling.
  2. Map
    Map of the current area. Press the Up Directional Button to change map displays.
  3. Floor Info
    Shows whether this floor or previous floors have crystals, signal fires, or other special mechanics.
  4. Floor Count & Current Location
    Shows the total number of floors and your current floor.
  5. Skills
    Shows your current skills and their assigned buttons. Skills on cooldown appear as greyed-out icons and cannot be used.
  6. HP
    Your hit points.
  7. Status
    An icon that indicates whether you have a status ailment or stat buff.
  8. Lv. (Level)
    Your current level.
  9. EXP
    Your accumulated EXP (experience points). Your hero will level up after maxing this bar.
  10. Healing Potions
    Shows how many Healing Potions you currently have.
  11. Dodge Status
    Shows whether you can perform a dodge action. When on cooldown, it appears as a greyed-out icon and cannot be used.

Main Menu

Press the + Button to bring up the main menu. Here you can select your equipment, set your skills, check the Monster Encyclopedia, and change your game settings.
Status Check your current stats, including your level and equipment.
Skills Learn skills, level them up, and assign them to buttons.
Inventory Check and manage items you've acquired during your current excursion into the Abyss.
Challenge Missions Review information and rewards for challenge missions.
Monster Encyclopedia Review information about monsters you've encountered, including their species, elements, weaknesses, and item drop details.
Options Review game settings and help information, or return to Base Camp, a Floor Gate, or the title screen.
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