Fourth Layer Strategy Guide

The Burning Wasteland lies deep in the fourth layer of the Abyss, a charred vestige of the old kingdom entombed under ash and lava. Hordes of fire- and earth-type monsters on the prowl everywhere, so a weapon with an Icestone or Boltstone will definitely come in handy. While this layer has roughly the same number of floors as the third layer, here you will encounter new time-based mechanics and a powerful mid-boss at its core. The floors themselves are larger and more complex, with signal fires few and far between, which means exploring it will take some time. This page covers everything you need to know to conquer the fourth layer of the Abyss, including what monsters and obstacles await you.
Total Floors:
Recommended Level:
Signal Fires Floors:
1, 7, 12, 16

General Mechanics

Lava-Spewing Craters
Lava plumes will surge from craters at regular intervals, dealing tons of damage to any hero or monster caught in the swell. You'll see glowing embers in the crater right before it blows, so stay clear to avoid burns. Leading a group of monsters into a crater as it erupts serves as an effective form of crowd control. Throughout the fourth layer, you'll often find yourself trapped between a rock and a hard place, or rather between a monster and a crater. Try provoking monsters with light attacks and luring them toward a crater to give yourself an advantage in battle.
Hidden Runes
Each layer contains a special object that reflects the atmosphere of that floor. Attack this object to earn lots of runes. In the fourth layer, keep an eye out for something shining in the lava flows.

Notable Monsters

These monsters are more powerful than the Wicked Weasels in the second layer and can deal fire damage with their rapid ranged attacks. You'll usually find them hanging around larger monsters, letting the big guys keep their prey occupied while they deal damage from a distance. Although they have a lot of HP, you can take care of them quickly by exploiting their weakness with ice attacks.
Fire Fiends & Earth Fiends
Fiends tend to stick close to other monsters and use magic to strengthen their allies. The red Fire Fiends can boost other monsters' attack power, while the purple Earth Fiends bolster their defenses. Since they can't actually attack anything on their own, they'll cower and flee if no other monsters are around. This puts them lower on your priority list compared to the rest of the horde. Fire Fiends are particularly weak against blunt and ice damage, while Earth Fiends will fall easily to blunt and lightning damage.
Light Turrettle
You'll encounter turtle-type enemies for the first time on the fourth layer. Their attacks can inflict confusion, and you may find the lateral trajectory difficult to avoid. Their huge size and HP pool will cause you problems in more ways than one. When facing a single Light Turrettle, wait until it finishes attacking before closing in and using your own high-powered skills. Blunt damage will break through its shell. If you find one grouped up with other monsters, take out weaker foes first while avoiding its cannonballs.

Notable Floors

Floor 11: Fiend Lord (Mid-Boss)
The Fiend Lord mid-boss of the fourth layer uses magic to summon and strengthen monsters that serve as its underlings. It has four action patterns: summoning monsters, boosting their attack and defense, warping across the stage, and swiping at you with its spear. Since it has fairly low attack power, take out the monster minions quickly so you can focus on the Fiend Lord instead. The monster summons won't drop any items or EXP upon defeat. But if you just ignore them, you may find yourself quickly surrounded by four at once. The Fiend Lord is weak against blunt damage and ice attacks, so equip the Warrior or Fighter with an Icestone to put an end to its tricks once and for all.
Floor 15: Monster Mash
On Floor 15, you'll face three monster swarms:
● 3 Sandy Hatters, 9 Dirtbats
● 4 Dune Crabs, 2 Earth Fiends
● 2 Flame Turrettles, 2 Light Turrettles, 1 Earth Fiend, 1 Fire Fiend
Unless you're quick on your feet, you'll struggle to deal with the hordes of smaller enemies or escape tight spaces packed with larger foes. Use your skills to reduce their numbers as fast as possible. The last swarm is full of monsters with powerful ranged attacks. Take out each Turrettle quickly to give yourself the best chance of survival.

Legendary Equipment

  • Wanderer Gear:

    Wild Sword
    Attack: 116〜124
  • Warrior Gear:

    Windcutter Tachi
    Attack: 126〜134
  • Rogue Gear:

    Sin Speakers
    Attack: 107〜115
  • Archer Gear:

    Attack: 90〜95
  • Farmer Gear:

    Purring Cat Dancer
    Attack: 71〜76
  • Fighter Gear:

    Cat Paws
    Attack: 65〜67
  • Caster Gear:

    Attack: 100〜105
  • Ring:

    Defense: 117〜120
  • Earring:

    Volcano Earring
    Defense: 59〜60
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