Third Layer Strategy Guide

The Frozen World awaiting you in the third layer of the Abyss evokes an image of the old kingdom buried beneath a blanket of snow. Here you'll encounter yet more floors, new mechanics, and your first mid-boss. Many of these monsters use ice and lightning elemental attacks. Equipping a Flamestone will serve you well throughout this layer, while an Earthstone will give your attacks some extra punch around Floor 5. This page covers everything you need to know to conquer the third layer of the Abyss, including what monsters and obstacles you'll face on the floors below.
Total Floors:
Recommended Level:
Signal Fires Floors:
1, 5, 9, 13

General Mechanics

Runaway Snowballs
Cross a giant snowball's line of sight and it will tumble toward you, growing in size as it rolls up more snow. Running into one will send you flying, and you'll take heavy damage in the process. However, snowballs can also damage monsters, so try leading them toward packs of enemies. A snowball won't start rolling unless you walk in front of it or attack it, so you can stay out of its path if you're fast on your feet. Keep away from a snowball to avoid activating it, or set it off and then run in the direction you want it to go.
Warp Moles
These moles dig tunnels that help you move quickly from one location on the same floor to another. You'll encounter two types of moles here: one-way moles that disappear afterward, and round-trip moles that stay in place. Keep in mind that these moles can be skittish. If they come under attack or see monsters nearby, they'll hide in their holes and refuse to help you. They may also bring you to unexplored areas. Check your map to see where you've been to avoid getting lost.
Hidden Runes
Each layer contains a special object that reflects the atmosphere of that floor. Attack this object to earn lots of runes. In this layer, keep an eye out for sparkling figures made of snow.

Notable Monsters

These creatures specialize in spin attacks that utilize their lightning-tipped tails. Their close-range attacks don't knock back opponents, which lets them deliver a devastating amount of damage in the blink of an eye. Even worse, their lightning attacks have a chance of paralyzing their prey, leaving them temporarily powerless. They're weak against blunt damage and earth elemental attacks, so equip the Warrior or Fighter with an Earthstone for maximum effectiveness. Skills that let you attack while still keeping your distance are also a safe bet.
These ferocious monsters boast both high HP and attack power, so taking them down can be time-consuming. Keep clear of their wide, powerful attacks to avoid getting stunned. Their attacks have a slow wind-up, so you can dodge them somewhat easily and put some distance between you. Utilize all your attacks and skills to take them down as soon as possible. Since they're weak against both piercing and fire damage, equip the Farmer or Archer with a Flamestone to deal with these threats.
Hoarnet Trees & Rumble Trees
As their names suggest, Hoarnet Trees summon large swarms of Hoarnets, while Rumble Trees release legions of Rumble Bumbles. Hoarnets strike with long-ranged ice-type projectiles, while Rumble Bumbles use short-ranged paralyzing attacks. Since these monsters will continue to spawn as long as their tree is still standing, taking out Hoarnet Trees and Rumble Trees should be your highest priority. A swarm of Rumble Bumbles is especially annoying, as their paralyzing attacks can leave you completely helpless. Thankfully, these bees have very little HP, so use a wide range of attacks and skills to pick them off as quickly as possible. Both Hoarnet Trees and Hoarnets are weak against slashing and fire damage attacks, while Rumble Trees and Rumble Bumbles will fall to slashing and earth damage attacks.

Notable Floors

Floor 8: Bees & Trees
On Floor 8, you'll face two monster swarms:
● 2 Thunderdames, 2 Bolt Wolves, 2 Hoarnets
● 2 Hoarnet Trees, 2 Rumble Trees
Be especially careful during the second swarm, since multiple trees will appear. The longer these trees stand, the more trouble you'll have controlling the swarm. Use powerful attacks and skills to swat the bees and their hives as soon as they spawn.
Floor 12: Pugil Panda (Mid-Boss)
This mid-boss employs a whole arsenal of attacks, including a devastating series of punches, a whirlwind leg sweep, a sturdy back thrust, and ranged magic projectiles. Like the Frostbearn and other bear-type enemies, its size alone makes it a fearsome opponent. It prefers to attack at close range, so keep your distance to stay alive. Skills that can stun enemies will also come in handy. Since it's weak to piercing damage, the Farmer and Archer are both good choices.

Legendary Equipment

  • Wanderer Gear:

    Crystal Sword
    Attack: 60〜65
  • Warrior Gear:

    Crystal Greatsword
    Attack: 65〜70
  • Rogue Gear:

    Shadow Walkers
    Attack: 55〜60
  • Archer Gear:

    Attack: 48〜50
  • Farmer Gear:

    Luminous Prism
    Attack: 38〜40
  • Fighter Gear:

    Lonely Hearts
    Attack: 33〜35
  • Caster Gear:

    Attack: 50〜55
  • Ring:

    Gossip Ring
    Defense: 86〜91
  • Earrings:

    Snowy Earrings
    Defense: 44〜45
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