Second Layer Strategy Guide

The second layer of the Abyss, or Festival of Sorrow, recalls the long-lost kingdom's huge harvest festivals. While the monsters lurking here may be a little harder to defeat, anyone who's mastered the first layer's dungeon mechanics will find them less of a hassle. Before facing these new foes, train your heroes up to Level 15 and try out some new classes. You might also consider equipping a Boltstone to your weapon's Magistone slot to deal more damage to certain enemies. This page covers everything you need to know to conquer the second layer of the Abyss, including what monsters and obstacles await you.
Total Floors:
Recommended Level:
Signal Fires Floors:
1, 4, 8

General Mechanics

More Terrain to Cover
While this layer introduces no new mechanics, it has much larger floors with greater changes in elevation and narrow paths to navigate. Use the terrain to your advantage against your foes, or seek out the ideal spot for avoiding any incoming enemy attacks.
Hidden Runes
Each layer contains a special object that reflects the atmosphere of that floor. Attack this object to earn lots of runes. Keep an eye out for sparkling booths in this layer.

Notable Monsters

Batty Hatters & Nightbats
Batty Hatters are formidable foes with a long attack range and lots of HP. Defeating one will also spawn three Nightbats to do its bidding. Getting hit by one of their projectiles may temporarily increase the damage you receive. These monsters pose a serious threat in groups. If you find yourself overwhelmed, retreat to a safe spot and try picking them off one at a time. Batty Hatters are especially weak against blunt damage, so the Warrior and Fighter are both good options. You can easily cut down Nightbats with slashing damage attacks, which means the Wanderer and Rogue will make quick work of them.
Turnip Tricksters
High in both nutrients and HP, Turnip Tricksters take a lot of hits before they go down. After closing in on you, they will unleash a spin attack that doesn't pose much of a threat, so use that time to prepare skills that can stun it or slow it down. Since it's weak against both slashing and lightning damage, this turnip is no match for the Wanderer or Rogue wielding Boltstone blades.
Wicked Weasels
These quick-footed monsters keep their distance by moving backward while unleashing slashing projectile attacks. Since they hit so quickly, you may find their attacks difficult to dodge once they go on the offensive. They always attack in a straight line, so keep to the side to avoid their line of sight, then find the perfect moment to begin your counterattack. Wicked Weasels are also weak against lightning damage, so a weapon with a Boltstone should do the trick.

Notable Floors

Floor 7: A Barrage of Bats & Boars
On Floor 7, you'll face two monster swarms:
● 3 Soil Sowers, 3 Hot Trotters
● 3 Batty Hatters, 4 Nightbats, 4 Burnibats
With so many bat monsters to fight in the second swarm, you may want to hold off on using the bomb barrel until you can really make it count. Batty Hatters will spawn even more bats when defeated, so take out the surrounding monsters first to avoid being overwhelmed.
Floor 10: Festival of Foes
On Floor 10, you'll face several monster swarms:
● 2 Soil Sowers, 2 Grimy Trolls, 2 Nightbats, 3 Wicked Weasels
● 7 Nightbats
● 3 Soil Sowers, 3 Hot Trotters
● 3 Batty Hatters, 4 Nightbats, 4 Burnibats
Nearly every type of monster that calls this layer home will attack in full force, including the swarms you faced on Floor 7. Your HP will plummet if the bats surround you, so if you're low on Healing Potions, consider retreating to Base Camp and setting out again from the signal fire on Floor 8.

Legendary Equipment

  • Wanderer Gear:

    Attack: 31〜36
  • Warrior Gear:

    Iron Tachi
    Attack: 34〜39
  • Rogue Gear:

    Attack: 28〜33
  • Archer Gear:

    Attack: 25〜27
  • Farmer Gear:

    Cheery Cherry
    Attack: 20〜22
  • Fighter Gear:

    Attack: 17〜19
  • Caster Gear:

    Attack: 25〜30
  • Ring:

    Melancholy Ring
    Defense: 51〜56
  • Earring:

    Trendy Earring
    Defense: 25〜28
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