First Layer Strategy Guide

The Forgotten Town at the topmost layer of the Abyss recalls the old kingdom's lost history. The monsters here are a bit weaker and act in predictable ways, making it the perfect place to practice Silent Hope's combat basics. Try tackling this layer with different heroes to decide which playstyle suits you best. This page covers everything you need to conquer the first layer of the Abyss, including what monsters you'll encounter and which strategies each hero can use to defeat the boss.
Total Floors:
Recommended Level:


Blocked Roads
Mysterious barriers block off certain paths. You must locate a switch located somewhere on the same floor to drop the barrier. These floors are usually larger and teeming with monsters, making it more difficult to proceed. Activate switches by attacking them. Hordes of monsters often guard them, but you can simply try to avoid them if hitting the switch is your primary goal.
Bomb Barrels
Once attacked, these bombs will explode after a set period of time, letting you quickly deal with any monsters nearby. However, you'll take a ton of damage if you're caught in the blast radius, so confirm your escape route before setting one off. Take advantage of these barrels in a variety of ways, such as by luring in a horde of monsters and exploding them, or using skills like the Caster's Black Hole to suck them all into the blast. You can take out most monsters in the first layer with a bomb barrel, but this strategy will prove less effective against stronger foes deeper in the Abyss.
Once in a rare while, you'll land on a floor with way more monsters than usual. Rather than take them all on at once, try escaping down a corridor and funneling them through it one at a time. If you end up on one of these floors with low HP, prioritize finding an exit over fighting your way out.
Memory Rifts
Memory Rifts let you travel to special floors where powerful monsters lurk. More difficult floors will reward you with valuable items. If you have enough HP and Healing Potions, take on the challenge! Even if you haven't quite hit the recommended level for that rift, good gear and sound strategies can make all the difference. Try clearing a Memory Rift multiple times to obtain lots of rare items.
Blackstone Statue Trials
These mysterious statues offer various trials and rewards for clearing them. You won't lose much of anything for failing one, so take on as many trials as you can. You can conquer most of these trials with careful planning, although damageless trials can be challenging. Watch your step and avoid ranged attacks if you want to clear those trials.
Hidden Runes
Each layer contains a special object that reflects the atmosphere of that floor. Attack this object to earn lots of runes. You can find the object for the first layer in a glittering pool. Higher difficulty settings make these objects yield more runes.

Notable Monsters

These monsters have lots of HP and long-ranged tracking projectiles, making them tough to take down, especially in a group. Take advantage of their slower movement and attack speed to knock them out on sight, or focus on picking off weaker monsters in their horde before they notice so you can fight them one-on-one.
Penny Pincer & Poison Bee Hordes
Penny Pincers often fight in groups with two Poison Bees. If you fail to take out the formidable Penny Pincer fast enough, the toxins from the Poison Bees' ranged attacks will drain your HP before long. Thankfully, Poison Bees have much less HP than the Penny Pincers, so focus on taking them out first. Since Penny Pincers hit pretty hard, take care to avoid their attacks. Watch for when they raise their pincers and dodge out of the way.

Notable Floors

Floor 5: First Forced Battle

Each layer has floors where you must defeat a monster swarm to proceed. A force field will surround the arena until all the monsters have fallen. On Floor 5 of the first layer, you'll face two monster swarms:
● 2 Gecko Knights, 1 Gecko Pikeman, 1 Gecko Rogue, 2 Gecko Archers
● 3 Woolies, 2 Poison Bees
Prioritize the ranged attackers to thin out the herd while dodging attacks. Once you take out the Gecko Archers and Poison Bees, you'll have an easier time dealing with the rest.

Legendary Equipment

Two pieces of equipment for each hero can be found in every layer. This includes one piece of equipment with rarity levels ranging from Common to Super Rare, and one piece of Legendary equipment. You can obtain equipment by defeating monsters, opening treasure chests, or appraising Mementos back at Base Camp. Those that require appraisal typically have better stats. Good gear will serve you well as you descend even deeper into the Abyss, so try to find as much rare equipment as possible before entering the next layer.

  • Wanderer Gear:

    Club Sword
    Attack: 19-25
  • Warrior Gear:

    Solidshell Broadaxe
    Attack: 21-27
  • Rogue Gear:

    Shell Splitters
    Attack: 17-23
  • Archer Gear:

    Attack: 16-19
  • Farmer Gear:

    Bubbly Sun
    Attack: 13-16
  • Fighter Gear:

    Grave Tempo
    Attack: 11-14
  • Caster Gear:

    Attack: 15-21
  • Ring:

    Happy Ring
    Defense 25-31
  • Earring:

    Country Earring
    Defense: 14-16


Crooked Crab
Crooked Crab
A monstrous coconut crab wearing a shipwreck for a shell. Uses its massive pincers and sturdy outer shell to inflict heavy damage, and fires heat-seeking water projectiles to restrict its prey's movement. After taking a certain amount of damage, the Crooked Crab will pull back and send in a horde of Penny Pincers to do its bidding, all while still unleashing a barrage of water and lightning attacks. It begins twisting its body when charging up for a devastating spin attack that'll destroy everything in its path. Keep well out of its way when this happens. Both the Warrior and Fighter can exploit the Crooked Crab's weak points.
Wanderer Strats
Execute Iron Wall to raise your defense, then maneuver around the Crooked Crab to find an opening between its attacks. Use offensive skills like Spin Slash and Shield Tackle as soon as your skill gauge is full to maximize your damage output. Stunning with a Shield Tackle and following up with a flurry of normal attacks can also prove effective. If you struggle to dodge the crab's water bullets, consider letting up your attack and running around until they disappear.
Warrior Strats
Flank the Crooked Crab from behind, execute two regular attacks, then retreat and repeat. Her powerful blows easily chip away at the crab's armor, allowing her to down it in fewer hits. For skills, follow up a Howl with Fell Swoop to deliver massive damage while it's stunned. Charge lets you maneuver behind the crab while also dealing damage, but if you get stuck, you'll have more trouble avoiding incoming attacks. If you struggle to dodge the crab's water bullets, consider letting up your attack and running around until they disappear.
Rogue Strats
Start with Ring of Daggers, then use Quick Strike to move behind the crab and hit it with regular attacks. The Rogue excels at evasion and can dodge most of the Crooked Crab's tricks with proper timing. Ring of Daggers increases her damage output, while Quick Strike lets her swiftly circle around behind the enemy. Use these skills as soon as her skill gauge is full. Flurry of Blows is risky because it leaves you vulnerable to the Crooked Crab's more devastating attacks. Better to save it until you've just dodged a powerful attack, or avoid using it altogether if a big hit's coming your way. Flurry of Blows also can't do much when faced with water projectiles, so just pull back and run around until they disappear.
Archer Strats
As usual, the Archer strives to stay away from his quarry while using his Rapid Fire and Spread Shot attacks. Time his shots carefully while dodging the crab's attacks, keeping in mind that even a single hit from one of those pincers will devastate someone with so little defense. A Bear Trap can lower the enemy's defenses to help deal some extra damage, but it also takes time to set up and won't slow down the Crooked Crab at all. However, a well-placed trap will help keep the crowd of Penny Pincers under control, so try setting one up when you're a good distance away from the Crooked Crab. Finding a safe place to stand during the water bullet bombardment can be tough, so consider running until they disappear instead.
Farmer Strats
Use Snack Time to boost your stats, then circle around the Crooked Crab while firing off regular attacks and the occasional Outta My Way! When timed correctly, Outta My Way is especially effective since it can hit multiple times, inflict heavy damage, and stun enemies. Butterfly Buddy takes a moment to activate, so use it wisely. But if you do find an opening, it can damage your foes over time with poison. The Farmer is quick on her feet and can avoid the water projectiles more easily than the other heroes. Knowing when to dodge between your attacks is the key to claiming victory.
Fighter Strats
Circle behind the Crooked Crab while dodging its claws, then use your regular attacks and skills. The Fighter has lots of good options for this battle. Fancy Footwork's speed boost makes it easier to avoid incoming attacks, and her tried-and-true combo of Grapple and Power Punch will do massive damage. Since she can hit the Crooked Crab right where it hurts, she's one of the best heroes for this particular battle. Fancy Footwork also helps her avoid the crab's water projectiles, so she can attack and dodge with ease.
Caster Strats
The Caster should default to ranged skills like Magic Sphere and Explosion while always keeping a safe distance. Since both skills have a long cooldown period, space out your attacks more than usual. The powerful Magic Sphere hits multiple targets, so consider leveling up this skill beforehand. While a well-placed Black Hole deals more concentrated damage, the Crooked Crab can easily move outside its range. Combined with its long cooldown timer, this skill just isn't very effective in this fight. Since the Caster struggles with close combat situations, the Crooked Crab might give him more trouble than other heroes. You'll prove victorious if you use the right gear, make sound tactical decisions, and balance casting spells with running between water projectiles.
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